Proflex HULK 5lbs (2.2kg)

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Price: B 1599
Reference: PROFLEX
Proflex HULK (5lbs / 2.2kg): Available in Chocolate and Vanilla.

Proflex Hulk Vanilla is a perfect combination of high quality carbs, protein and calories all conveniently packed in one bottle flavored with rich vanilla flavoring for the taste buds. It promotes strong gains of muscle mass to enhance althletic performance and also contains micronutrients to strengthen the immune system for a over all healthy body.

Proflex Hulk Chocolate is a specalized energy diet with upto 74 grams of multi-protein, powered by 929 healthy calories highly suitaple for strengthening the body. It is a complete and great tasting nutrient suited for individuals looking to increase muscle mass and bulking like the Hulk.

Benefits of Proflex Hulk

Meeting Extreme Calorie Requirements
Having to eat and eat and eat all the time to put on muscle mass can be quite difficult and problematic for most people. ProFlex Hulk is a convenient and healthy way to meet your calorific goals in order to gain strength, size and muscle mass.

Inclusive of Micronutrients and BCAA’s
ProFlex Hulk contains many essential micronutrients and BCAA’s to help you recover quicker from workouts and ensure optimum athletic performance.

Personalized Recipe for Formulated Fat intake
ProFlex Hulk consists of a specially-formulated and patented recipe that includes the correct forms of dietary fat the body requires. Fat is the greatest variable macronutrient in terms of controlling, and ProFlex Hulk ensures you get only the right types of fat in your body, with almost no saturated fat at all.

Swifter Digestion and Absorption
Hulk is high in fiber, which plays a key role in removing waste from the body and increases the efficiency of your body’s digestive system.