Proflex Gold (700g)

Proflex Gold 700g
Price: B 1290
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Proflex Gold (700g)

Consisting of 100% Pure Isolate Whey Protein, ProFlex Gold is derived from only the best Cow’s Milk from Dairy Farms across North America. Each stage of the manufacturing process is painstakingly executed to ensure that the Isolate Whey Protein used retains all the goodness and vitality of natural dairy Protein, but without any added ingredients or sugars which also results in a minimal amount of lactose, carbohydrates and fat.

ProFlex Gold is specially formulated for Senior Citizens, especially those who are Diabetic or Vegetarian. ProFlex Gold has been certified and guaranteed by the Thai FDA as safe to consume.

Benefits of ProFlex Gold

Young at heart
Do you often feel tired and restless? Are you susceptible to illness and fatigue? Do you have dry and wrinkled skin? These are all common symptoms of a lack of protein, or more specifically, a lack of Amino Acids, in the body, especially for those aged 50 and above.

Feel Healthy, Live Healthy
1 serving of provides you with 14.5 grams of the Purest Protein possible, along with all the Essential and Non Essential Amino Acids your body needs but cannot produce itself- With ProFlex Gold, your body gets the attention it deserves. Who says youngsters have to have all the fun?