Reflex L-Glutamine (250g)

Reflex L-Glutamine 250g
Price: B 950
Reference: REFLEX-002
L-Glutamine is the one of the most abundant amino acids in our body. It is present in virtually all major organs and muscle tissue. Because the body can produce L-Glutamine by itself it is classified as a non-essential amino acid. Despite this, athletes' demand for L-Glutamine often exceeds supply. With increasing amount of therapeutic data available on L-Glutamine it has become an amino acid that is “essential” to consider if you are training or participating in sport. Glutamine has several functions which are of benefit to physically active individuals. It assists in developing muscle hypertrophy by preventing muscle breakdown, elevating levels of leucine within muscle fibre. Increased levels of glutamine within muscle cells have also been shown to increase swelling of these cells resulting in greater muscle hypertrophy, and a greater rate of muscle protein synthesis.

Below are just a couple of the positive effects of L-Glutamine supplementation:

L-Glutamine and the Immune System
Considering all the time that athletes train and the strict diets they eat one would expect them to be the healthiest people in the world. Unfortunately, viral illnesses and bacterial infections can affect athletes as seriously as the next person. In fact, athletes are often at a greater risk from illness due to their hard training and dieting. Because the body is focused on exercise, tissue building and development, the immune system can often end up neglected. An under-active immune system can result in a body more at risk from illness and infection.

L-Glutamine is a very common energy source for many cells in the immune system and when taken in supplemental levels the body can meet immune system demands as well as support muscle recovery. Glutamine is also likely to be of benefit in conditions where the immune system is put under stress such as intense training, AIDS, burns, treatment with immunosuppressant drugs, radiotherapy and cancer. When more raw resources are made available to the body in the form of supplemental L-Glutamine the body can concentrate on making greater amounts of these cells. This leads to a correctly functioning, strong, immune system.

L-Glutamine and Muscle Sparing
There is only one non-stop muscle in the body and that’s the heart. All of our other muscles require constant fuelling to deal with the demands of working out. When a persons' body runs out of initial fuels (muscle glycogen) it will actually start to break down its own muscle tissue. Research has shown that L-Glutamine, taken before a workout, acts as a buffer protein to muscle. The body will break down all of the free L-Glutamine before it starts chewing into our muscles. This “spares” the muscle tissue from catabolic death. There is also empirical evidence that glutamine may increase metabolic rate of fats and calories both during exercise and during rested states.

L-Glutamine and Muscle Growth & Recovery
The simple act of “working out” places both stress and a recovery demand on our muscle tissue. In addition to the demand for Branch Chain Amino Acids post workout, high levels of L-Glutamine help to fill in the “missing” protein gaps that we normally attempt to fill haphazardly from our diet. Having the exact amino acids required for muscle fiber formation immediately after a workout speeds tissue synthesis. Faster rates of muscle tissue synthesis lead to better recovery time and better results from training.

It may also reduce the increased levels of ammonia cause by the metabolism of anaerobic energy, and Glutamine can increase antioxidant activity when it converts to glutathione.

L-Glutamine and Brain Fuel
While a similar sounding amino acid, L-Glutamic Acid, is known to be a common brain fuel, a lot of people don’t know that L-Glutamine is the major provider of this fuel. L-Glutamine is able to circulate freely throughout the brain’s blood supply. Inside the brain itself L-Glutamine is used to form various neuro-chemicals that help us deal with stress, think clearly, and remember things. Extra L-Glutamine has helped sufferers of Chronic Fatigue deal with the debilitating symptom of “brain fog”.

Keeping higher levels of L-Glutamine circulating can help students in exam cram mode and the rest of us deal with the dreaded 9:30 am production meetings. Glutamine is also critical to the digestive system by assisting the integrity and health of intestinal walls and is used widely in hospitals as such in specific clinical populations. The base material of Reflex L-Glutamine is glucose derived from non GM maize and fermented to provide a product which is purer than commonly available pharmaceutical grade products.

Reflex L-Glutamine is GMO free and contains no sugar, salt, yeast, wheat, gluten, corn, soy, egg, shellfish or preservatives.