STIM HD Fat Burner

STIM HD Fat Burner
Price: ​฿1600
Reference: BPI
REAL HARDCORE FAT BURNER. Burn Stubborn Fat. Stay fit and healthy. Get a lean HD-muscle definition. When it comes to fat burning the most important things are not only burn fat and take out exceeding water. In hot and humid weather likes Thailand you will lose too much mineral which will make your weaker and can’t go on. STIM HD comes with 7 fat burning ingredients and minerals that will take away your stubborn fat boost up energy and keep minerals level in balance. STIM HD will make you lean and strong at the same time.

Burn stubborn fat, get a lean HD-muscle definition with Fat Burning & Muscle Defining Blend
  • Acetyl L-carnitine: Convert fat in to energy
  • Aspartic acid: Testosterone booster
  • Caffeine: Boost metabolism
  • Green coffee bean: Chlorogenic Acid source, control sugar blood level
  • Garcinia cambogia: Keep your mood stable
  • Green tea leaves: EGCG source, appetite suppressant
  • Yohimbe bark: Burn stubborn fat

Stay fit and strong with Extreme Energy & Electrolyte Matrix, Pharmaceutically engineered blend
  • Naicin: Boost energy
  • Calcium: Maintain strong bones
  • Magnesium: Protein synthesis and boost energy
  • Manganese: Maintain joint and nervous system function
  • Potassium: Maintain water level make your muscle look full
  • In first week take only STIM HD 1 cap in workout day and for non-workout day 1 cap in the morning on secone week take 1 Cap in the morning and 1 cap before workout. For non workout day take 1 cap in the morning and 1 cap before lunch