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If you are looking at losing weight and improving your cardiovascular fitness, our fitness classes are just the thing for you. Our classes are open to men and women of all ages and fitness levels so even people that have never trained before can enjoy a great session. So, if you want to have fun while getting fit, why not try one of our fitness classes. For the class timings and the latest updates please check out our Facebook page.

Box-Fit ~ Muay Thai

Box-Fit - Muay Thai

Our Box-Fit classes combine traditional Muay Thai techniques with a great cardio workout. You can lean the fundamentals of Thai boxing, kicks, knees punches and balance while improving your physical conditioning. 

*Classes held every Monday and Thursday at 10am.

Killer Circuit Training 

Circuit Training - Killer Circuits

Killer Circuit Training is an intense multi-exercise, interval training session that is used by top athletes to improve cardio fitness and stamina. This is a tough class but you can go at your own pace, so don’t worry if you are not too fit.  

*Contact us for group bookings.

Muay Thai Coaching

If you would like to learn more advanced Muay Thai, Boxing or MMA you can have personal training with world champion MMA fighter Rambaa ‘M16’ Somdet. Khun Rambaa, who is from here in Pattaya, is one of Thailand’s top Muay Thai fighters who successfully transitioned onto the international MMA circuit. During his career, Rambaa amassed numerous titles and became one of Thailand’s most notorious fighters. Rambaa has a vast amount of experience training beginners, professional fighters and non-fighters so you don’t have to worry about being thrown into the deep end.